Webinars - see detailed listing below

    May 4th Video: Digital Assembly Analysis Part 2

    Dec 8th: Introduction to Evaluating Assemblies with CheckMate SoftFit

    Sept 1st: The New Point Cloud Metrology (PCM) Workflow Using the Geometric Tolerance Manager (GTM)

    Increase your programming speed with Automation Tools - June 9th

    Understanding Tolerance Label Names VS Balloon Numbers - April 14th

    Feb 17- What's New in the 2022 CheckMate Release v1299

    Editing Multi-point Surface Measurements with CheckMate Programming

    Evaluating Composite Tolerances Using The Geometric Tolerance Manager

    Reviewing NEW Enhancements to CheckMate 14's MeasALL Utility

    The CheckMate Reporting Browser

    Measuring WallStock, Channels and Ribs using CMTHICK and CMRIB with CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS

    Introducing the Geometric Tolerancing Manager

    Utilizing Bonus Tolerance on Unmeasured Datums

    The Digital Twin Face Coloring by Tolerance Condition

    Using More than one Probe per Segment with CheckMate 14 Configurations

    Using CheckMate's AutoSection in SOLIDWORKS and New ScanEdit Features

    Using MASTER, LOCAL and FORCED Co-Ordinate Systems in CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS

    CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS New MEAS ALL Function

    CheckMate Labels: The New Look

    Moving CAD Geometry with CMTRANS

    Measuring WallStock, Channels and Ribs using CMTHICK and CMRIB in CheckMate 14

    CheckMate 14 Gage R&R's

    Enhancements to CheckMate 12.1 to 14 Conversions

    Using CheckMate's A.I. to Help Generate Programs

    Using a Fixture in your SLDPRT File

    What's New in CheckMate 14.00.00779

    New CheckMate14 Excel Title Block Templates

    Enhancements in the July CheckMate 14.0.00734 Release

    Creating Submissions from Point Cloud Scans

    CheckMate 14.0.0695 Enhancements

    Programming Parts in a Multi Nested Gauge

    Whats New-top 10 enhancements

    So You want to Measure 1000 Circles?

    AutoMeas Enhancements for CheckMate 14

    Programming Alignments in CheckMate 14

    Performing Gage R&R with CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS

    Basics of Creating MBD and VIEWS in CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS

    Using CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS Probe Builder

    CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS® : New AutoMeas in the CMBrowser

    CheckMate 14 : Major Enhancements - New Functionality

    CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS® Scripting

    CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS® Reporting Labels

    Customizing CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS® Command Manager Ribbon

    Organizing CAD - CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS®

    The CheckMate for SOLIDSWORKS® Working Environment

    Converting CheckMate 12.1 Probes to Probes for CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS®

    Exporting CheckMate 12.1 Files to CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS®

    What's New - CheckMate 12.1 VS. CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS®

    Troubleshooting CheckMate 12.1

    CheckMate 12.1 Export/Import Utility Enhancements

    Generating Autosection Surface Measurements on Custom Flow Lines

    Making CheckMate Labels in any User Coordinate System

    Programming Segments from Zeiss Calypso Geoactual Scan Data

    Measuring WallStock, Channels and Ribs using CMTHICK and CMRIB

    CheckMate 12.1 Reporting Browser