CheckMate Point Cloud Metrology

CheckMate Point Cloud Metrology (PCM) brings together the speed of modern scanning technology with the power of CheckMate’s suite of industry-leading CAD based metrology and inspection tools for the first time.

Point Cloud Video's

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The video below demonstrates P.C.M. generating a ColorMap from xyz scan data and automatically extracting actuals at predefined surface locations.  Extracting actuals at specific predefined locations is crucial when:

1)      Scanning multiple parts and performing S.P.C. analysis.

2)      Given critical characteristic locations predefined by the customer.

The video below demonstrates P.C.M. generating a ColorMap from xyz scan data. Then, in a second step, from the same scan data file, extracting and reporting location and size data for geometric features using edge/surface extraction technology.

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PCM automatically aligns cloud data to the CAD model, performs a surface compare operation and produces a colour gradient map of the resulting deviations.  This pictorial reporting method provides immediate response in evaluating part integrity and is easily interpreted

Combined with the multiple parts processing power of CheckMate, PCM is ideal for corrective action and process evaluation applications.  Producing colour gradient maps of average deviation, 6 sigma, Range and Cp enables engineers to avoid the mistake of making knee jerk decisions related to process changes and corrective action made on single sample sizes.

PCM is fully integrated with the Checkmate suite of metrology software.  With “soft gauges” programmed in CheckMate, point cloud data is loaded and complete GD&T inspection reports are produced.  In many instances CheckMate SoftFit Solver is used to determine “best-fix” scenarios for non conforming parts and processes or perform complex GD&T operations such as mobility on multiple datums.