SoftFit Solver

SoftFit™ Solver is the industry leader in root cause corrective action technology for dimensional metrology.  Manufacturing and Quality Engineers rely on SoftFit™ Solver’s “what-if” toolset to maximize their performance on many critical tasks that include;

  • Developing “best-fix” scenarios for non-conforming parts by translating complex fit results into easy-to-interpret corrective action.  SoftFit™ Solver simulations show the impact of dimensional corrections on the problem areas and how those changes will impact all other features of the part.
  • Producing “robust tooling”. to produce better parts, with less tooling iterations and extended tool life.
  • Evaluating the most complex GD&T, eliminating the risk of accepting bad parts or rejecting good parts.
  • Using functional acceptance criteria to evaluate the viability of non-conforming parts.

    CheckMate SoftFit™ Solver is your best choice when you need to determine the root cause of your dimensional problems, the corrective action required, or improve your manufacturing process.

At the heart of SoftFit™ Solver is the ability to apply operations simultaneously on selected features and/or functional groups of features on a single part or across multiple parts.  The WSIWYG approach of the browser interface drives the “what-if” capability.  Displaying results in real time including SPC calculations means that you are able to virtually evaluate many possible solution scenarios in minutes, eliminating time consuming and costly manufacturing iterations.

Besides its multiple application-specific algorithms, SoftFit™ Solver provides robust controls that enable you to:

  • Constrain degrees of freedom for rotation and translation
  • Apply Isotropic or Differential scaling
  • Apply material offset
  • Populate functional groups directly with feature and tolerance name and type already defined in CAD, and add additional user-defined criteria.
  • Apply operations to parts individually or by average for multiple parts
  • Apply tolerance and feature weighting
  • Automatically script repetitive tasks to run either within the SOLIDWORKS environment or remotely as an APP.

Instead of staring at a sea of numbers in CMM reports, visualize measurements on the CAD and find the best fix for your progressive die in seconds. See how, in this CheckMate SoftFit Solver video from Origin at the top left of this screen.


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