Manufacturing engineers and quality professionals rely on Origin’s unique tools to address their toughest challenges.

In series or volume production, Origin’s SoftFit™ Solver software provides unique tools to simulate corrective actions on tooling and their impact on process capability. Unlike any other software Origin evaluates multiple samples simultaneously. So you simulate tooling iterations in software, not hard tooling. This eliminates 80% of the time now required for changes to hard tooling.  That cuts cost and reduces schedule and warranty risk.

Where individual parts represent a significant investment in material and labor Origin’s unique CheckMate tools maximize yields by identifying root causes for nonconforming parts and the best fix for least-cost corrective action.

Quality professionals rely on Origin’s CheckMate modules to improve productivity in the metrology lab regardless of the measurement technologies and CAD tools used.

So from the lab to the factory floor, resource extraction, ground transportation and aerospace, the world’s leading companies rely on Origin software to solve their most demanding challenges.