CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS®

    CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS® is a modular CAD based suite of dimensional metrology software used by quality professionals and manufacturing engineers to qualify parts, identify and fix problems and improve manufacturing processes.

    Check out Origin’s newest CheckMate release. It includes includes many new features, including:

    • Whisker report enhancements for more complex parts and assemblies
    • Enhanced CMM-to-scanner workflows
    • The new Geometric Tolerancing Manager.

    The GTM is a powerful tool that enhances collaboration between design, inspection and production. Check out our what’s new videos. Each is just a minute or two long. You get a great overview of what’s new in action on your screen.

    CheckMate for SOLIDWORK®’s adherence to the concept of the digital thread with the ability to reuse and repurpose the design intent of the Model Based Definition (MBD) for quality and manufacturing engineering applications and the traceability of data back to the design intent make it a leader in the next step of modern manufacturing.

    CheckMate Programming extracts critical product manufacturing information (PMI) from the SOLIDWORKS® DimXpert tree and automatically develops programs for both CMM and Softgauge (for laser scanners, articulating arms and other discrete coordinate measuring devices) applications, reducing programming time by as much as 85%.

    CheckMate SoftFit™ Solver with its unique what-if capabilities provides manufacturing engineers with unparalleled functionality to perform root cause analysis tasks by identifying problems and developing best-fix corrective action scenarios to deliver better products faster.  The ability to process data from multiple samples and make corrections to tooling and or processes based on the mean deviation eliminates knee jerk tooling changes often made when making tool changes based on trial and error methods using small sample sizes and ensures that the process is both capable and under control.

    In the manufacturing of high value parts the same what-if tools can prove to be invaluable to reduce scrap, determine functional acceptance of non compliant parts and to adapt downstream processes based on measured results.

    With strict adherence to DMIS (Dimensional Measurement Interface Standard) and the emerging Q.I.F. (Quality Information Framework) standards, CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS® ability to work with all forms of dimensional measuring equipment such as laser scanners, articulating arms, and theodolites  by providing a common  platform makes interoperability across dissimilar equipment not found elsewhere a reality.

    System Requirements