Origin Apps

CMM Results Translators

Results inputs processed by Origin include: QDAS, QIF reports, CMM reports, DMIS output, Calypso output results.

CMM results outputs processed by Origin include: QDAS, QIF, DMO.


CMM Program Translators

CheckMate CMM Program Translators read CMM programming languages, and convert approximately 80% or better of the code to one of many CMM native and DMIS-flavoured CMM output programs. Available in CheckMate for Solidworks or as a standalone Windows-based App,





Importer Inputs

  • DEA Tutor for windows
  • Sheffield MLB
  • Sheffield MeasureMax
  • Sheffield Direct Inspect
  • Mitutoyo Geopak 2100 
  • Mitutoyo MCosmos DMIS
  • DMIS
  • Mitutoyo GEOMeasure 6000
  • Metrologic DMIS
  • Other vendor DMIS
  • Calypso


Native outputs not requiring a CMM translator

Complete native outputs

(all features, probe move/rotations, constructions, tolerances and coordinate systems):

  • Sheffield MeasureMax
  • Sheffield DirectInspect
  • Sheffield MLB
  • Brown and Sharpe AVAIL
  • Brown and Sharpe MM4
  • (Leitz Quindos not fully tested)


SheetMetal subset native outputs

(surface/trim/hole/slot features with on-feature tolerances, all probe move/rotations, no constructions, no off-feature tolerances, and no coordinate systems.)
  • Tarus RNC
  • Tarus TBR
  • Zeiss UMESS-300


All DMIS outputs are complete with all features, probe move/rotations, constructions, tolerances and coordinate systems except for "Nominal". Targeted DMIS outputs remove or work-around non-supported DMIS statements.

Non-targeted DMIS

  • Nominal (feature nominal only)
  • Vanilla (DMIS 5.2)


Native DMIS targeted (no CMM importer required)

  • Capps and Edges
  • Capps NT
  • Fanamation CMIS
  • IMS Virtual DMIS
  • Intelligent Measurement Axiom
  • Measureware
  • Metris DMIS Camio
  • *Mitutoyo GEOMeasure 6000 native DMIS
  • Nikon DMIS Camio
  • Nikon CMM-Manager (runtime engine mode)
  • Omni-Tech Omni-3D
  • Omni-Tech Visual-3D
  • Renishaw Modus
  • Renishaw Modus for Equator
  • Wenzel OpenDMIS
DMIS capabilities are included in every seat of CMM-Manager

Non-native DMIS targeted (optional importer supplied by CMM vendor)

  • DEA Master
  • DEA Spectrum
  • DEA Tutor (for DOS)
  • *DEA Tutor for Windows
  • Geomet
  • Metrologic Group Metrolog
  • Metromec 3D
  • Mitutoyo Geopak 3
  • Mitutoyo Geopak 2100
  • Mitutoyo GEOMeasure 6000
  • Mitutoyo MiCat/MCosmos
  • Starrett SAMS-5
  • Zeiss Calypso
  • Zeiss UMESS-UX
  • Zeiss U-Soft
* Importer included with base level CMM software