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CMM Program Translators

CMM Results Translators

(Available in CheckMate or as a standalone windows based App)

CheckMate CMM Language Translator is a product that can read Native and DMIS CMM Programming languages, convert approximately 80% or better to one of many CMM native and DMIS flavoured output programs.  

Most recently, Origin announced revised pricing for the range of inspection software translators.  The new cost will allow the end user to pay as needed.  The revised cost structure will allow everyone to use these time saving tools to transfer inspection programs between various manufacturers CMM’s.  Origin has developed translators for virtually every inspection software available.






  • DEA Tutor for windows
  • Sheffield MLB
  • Sheffield MeasureMax
  • Sheffield Direct Inspect
  • Mitutoyo Geopak 2100 
  • Mitutoyo MCosmos DMIS
  • DMIS
  • Mitutoyo GEOMeasure 6000
  • Metrologic DMIS
  • Other vendor DMIS
  • Calypso


Native outputs not requiring a CMM translator

Complete native outputs

(all features, probe move/rotations, constructions, tolerances and coordinate systems):

  • Sheffield MeasureMax
  • Sheffield DirectInspect
  • Sheffield MLB
  • Brown and Sharpe AVAIL
  • Brown and Sharpe MM4
  • (Leitz Quindos not fully tested)


SheetMetal subset native outputs

(surface/trim/hole/slot features with on-feature tolerances, all probe move/rotations, no constructions, no off-feature tolerances, and no coordinate systems.)
  • Tarus RNC
  • Tarus TBR
  • Zeiss UMESS-300


All DMIS outputs are complete with all features, probe move/rotations, constructions, tolerances and coordinate systems except for "Nominal". Targeted DMIS outputs remove or work-around non-supported DMIS statements.

Non-targeted DMIS

  • Nominal (feature nominal only)
  • Vanilla (DMIS 5.2)


Native DMIS targeted (no CMM translator required)

  • Capps and Edges
  • Capps NT
  • Fanamation CMIS
  • IMS Virtual DMIS
  • Intelligent Measurement Axiom
  • Measureware
  • Metris DMIS Camio
  • *Mitutoyo GEOMeasure 6000 native DMIS
  • Nikon DMIS Camio
  • Nikon CMM-Manager (runtime engine mode)
  • Omni-Tech Omni-3D
  • Omni-Tech Visual-3D
  • Renishaw Modus
  • Renishaw Modus for Equator
  • Wenzel OpenDMIS
DMIS capabilities are included in every seat of CMM-Manager

Non-native DMIS targeted (optional translator supplied by CMM vendor)

  • DEA Master
  • DEA Spectrum
  • DEA Tutor (for DOS)
  • *DEA Tutor for Windows
  • Geomet
  • Metrologic Group Metrolog
  • Metromec 3D
  • Mitutoyo Geopak 3
  • Mitutoyo Geopak 2100
  • Mitutoyo GEOMeasure 6000
  • Mitutoyo MiCat/MCosmos
  • Starrett SAMS-5
  • Zeiss Calypso
  • Zeiss UMESS-UX
  • Zeiss U-Soft
* Translator included with base level CMM software

Results Translators


  • QDAS
  • QIF Reports
  • CMM Reports
  • DMIS Output
  • Calypso Output Results


  • QDAS
  • QIF 
  • DMO