Integrated Gauging Solutions

Gauging solutions that go beyond Go no Go.

Two Shop floor Solutions:
1) Analog Style Gauges 

2) Flexible Gauges-Origin's shop-floor flexible solution, is an Origin customised Renishaw Equator™ Flexible Gauge to include Origin's Equator™ authoring software.Equator ™

The authoring software module allows the end-user to create part programs on their existing Co-ordinate Measuring Machine, measure the "master part".  Origin's authoring software module creates from the part program and the measured results file two files used on the Renishaw Equator™ with a click of a button.

These files are a part program converted from the end-users inspection software package to the format needed by the Equator™, and a calibration file generated from the measured results. The Origin authoring software will allow almost immediate use of the Renishaw Equator™ after measurement of the golden part.


Origin APP: Equator™ Authoring

(available in CheckMate or as a standalone windows based App)

Supported Packages: Calypso, PC-DMIS, Sheffield, GeoPack 2100



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Add software analysis at the gauge to address the following challenges:
–Complex alignments
–GD&T analysis
–Poor Gauge R&R
Read more about 3D GD&T...


Origin App: CheckMateRT (Run Time)

(Available in CheckMate or as a standalone windows based App)

The CheckMateRT (Run Time) Solution takes Q.C. Reporting and Engineering Analysis and wraps them into a seamless system that flows hand in hand with Renishaw’s Equator TM Comparitor. From CMM results,  CheckMateRT uses Gauge Simulation Fit technology, correctly evaluating the GD&T and simultaneous MMC conditions across multiple DRF’s, as the print specifies. No longer are the days where the CMM rejects a part while the shop floor go/no-go Gauge accepts it.  Then, CheckMateRT takes the data and generates reports for excel, text and stats systems, all seamlessly at program measurement runtime.