What is LaunchRite?

    LaunchRite reduces hard tooling iterations needed to launch manufacturing processes by 90%.

    LaunchRite is a unique suite of software tools that give manufacturers an unprecedented level of control over the launch process.

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    What You Do With LaunchRite

    Improve quality planning. LaunchRite quality planning capabilities keep tooling suppliers and customers on the same page.

    Evaluate large sample sizes and complex parts. LaunchRite has a unique capability to evaluate  large amounts of data from multiple parts simultaneously.  This eliminates knee-jerk decisions based on small sample sizes.

    Right the first time. With LaunchRite you simulate multiple corrective action scenarios in software. Each simuated tool changes takes minutes and you see the cumulative impact on SPC calculations. So, you only change hard tooling once.

    More robust tooling. Make the best possible tool and deliver better parts over a longer period of time. 

    Easier reporting. Generate PPAPs and custom reports with a few keystrokes.

    Higher impact reports. Communicate the best fix corrective action with a picture and a data file.

    Easy implementation. Whatever combination of CAD packages and digital measurement equipment you use in your supply chain LaunchRite is compatible with all. This includes laser scanners, CMMs, articulating arms and more.