• Simple timelineCompatible with virtually all CAD packages, CMMs, scanners and gauges
    • One user interface: validate measurements, identify root cause and iterate best fix solutions
    • User-defined feature and datum arrangement so you can isolate specific die stages or datum structures for fitting.
    • The industry’s most complete array of fitting algorithms.
    • The unique ability to compute fitting simultaneously on multiple part samples, multiple datums and multiple features.
    • Detailed data  on feature capability, as well as deviation.
    • Unique color gradient displays of Cp/Cpk ratios, Range and 6-sigma as well as Deviation and Average Deviation
    • Auto-generates PPAP reports compatible with all standards

    LaunchRite ADVANTAGES

    • Gets all buyoff team members on the same page - literally.
    • Zero in on root causes in minutes.
    • Corrective action iterations are based on capable features.
    • Simulate the effects of grinding, welding or shimming anywhere in a tool, in seconds.
    • More time to iterate. No risk of a non-recoverable tool mod.
    • Be more aggressive in pursuing best-fix solutions – even temporarily let the datums go

    LaunchRite BENEFITS

    • Reduce time spent iterating physical tools by up to 80%
    • Generate more PPAPs
    • More efficient resource use and less schedule and warranty risk
    • More robust tooling that delivers parts to print for years without maintenance