CheckMate On-line Training

Origin International now offers on-line training for users of our CheckMate software.


-      saves you travel time and expenses. 

-      Decreases employee time away from their job.

-      You do not have to pay for instructor/trainer expenses.


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CheckMate Course Description:

The course begins introducing the basic understanding of the working environment of CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS, part file types, and standard operational features. Then we move into the CheckMate startup procedure, getting the CAD file ready to start programming. The student will learn how to program basic alignments and part measurements along with tolerancing. The student will learn how to manipulate, edit, simulate and output DMIS and/or CMM Native language programs. The student will be introduced to the basics of CheckMate Reporting, time permitting.

Programming - 5 X 3hr sessions




For effective training to take place, it is recommended that two computers be setup and running OR setup dual monitors.

  • With CheckMate installed and running.
  • Internet with Webex access to watch the webex video demonstration.
  • Participant(s) to have headsets for audio. 



  • Complete Origin’s CheckMate Tutorials which can be found within the CheckMate application as follows;
    • Start>All Programs>CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS>Tutorial
    • In the CheckMate Programming Tutorial book you will find three tutorials that are structured to lead the user how to write a program step by step.
  • Print training manuals, supplied in PDF format for quick reference and taking notes.

CheckMate Training Dates : 9:00 to 12:00pm EST


CheckMate Programming May 

CheckMate Reporting June 

SoftFit Solver June 



CheckMate Programming Sept. 

CheckMate Reporting Oct. 

SoftFit Solver Oct.