What's new in CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS

    CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS® New Release now Available

    Posted on Jun 9, 2020 4:07:42 PM

    CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS® V1073 has many enhancements and fixes.

    The Top Features of this release include:



    • Probe Configurations. You can now use more than one CheckMate probe in a single segment.
    • Created an new Probe builder application that supports multiple configuration to support probe changers.
    • Multi-point measurements. New AutoSection Option for segmentization and a new CheckMate Ribbon called 'ScanEdit' are simple yet sophisticated tools to edit spacing.
    • Added probe movement, probe selection, and Accessibility Analysis internal to a feature.
    • Added Multi-face GSURF capabilities.
    • Converting multipoint surface measurements to scan mode. Now, right click a feature in the Programming Browser and select 'Change Mode'.
    • Coordinate system creation. CheckMate now allows coordinate systems to be created from just two datums if the secondary is a pattern feature.
    • Collision Detection. Ability add to generate a "CheckMate Fixture" for collision detection.
    • Automated program generation from PMI. Identical workflows to process MBD annotations from both DimXpert (AutoMBD) or QIF (QIF2Segment), including support to use SOLIDWORKS Inspection balloons as characteristic labels.


    • Digital Twin enhancement. CheckMate changes the face color of the CAD geometry based on tolerance condition, i.e. In or Out.
    • Bonus tolerance enhancement. Now, add actual diameters to virtual feature(s) so that even virtual features are included in GD&T analysis of bonus tolerance.
    • PDF Reports. Complete width from the Reporting Browser fields is now included in PDF reports.
    • Layout Names. Width of the field has been increased.

    Here is a link to the V1073 Release Notes – Read Now!

    (also located on your menu under “CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS” then “Release Notes"

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