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    Embrace the Model Based Enterprise with Origin's CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS

    Posted on Thu, May 26, 2016

    by David Schlitt, May 18, 2016

    The evolution of the Model Based Enterprise has gone beyond the concept stage and is being implemented by many companies in the aerospace and automotive industries as well as others. The advantages of doing so are many, not the least of which is the time savings by the elimination of 2D drawings and the positive effect of improved collaboration among the many stakeholders involved in bringing a product to the market.

    With SOLIDWORKS MBD (Model Based Definition) the 3D Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) is embedded directly into the solid model as annotations for GD&T along with other relevant specifications to formalize the design intent, creating a digital thread of all the information to manufacture and manage the product throughout the product lifecycle.

    Origin’s CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS suite of dimensional metrology software continues that digital thread with applications geared to inspection and manufacturing engineering disciplines, re-using and repurposing the data within that model and ensuring traceability of process information to the design intent.

    Coordinate Measuring Machine Programming

    Coordinate Measuring Machines are still the workhorse of most metrology labs when it comes to inspecting parts of high precision. However, the programming process can be time consuming and interpretation of GD&T contained in 2D prints can be error prone.

    Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

    Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

    CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS automatically extracts the GD&T from the annotated model as well as feature information from the geometry to automate the CMM programming process. A time savings of as much as 85% can be achieved, and interpretation errors from using 2D drawings are eliminated.

    The CMM program is automatically generated, graphically represented and verified on the model. The browser on the right provides a user interface to the program.


    Check out the SOLIDWORKS demonstration below to learn how the CMM automated process works:

    Laser Scanning/Soft Gauging

    With enhancements in the technology, the use of Laser Scanning equipment in the dimensional metrology field has become much more prevalent. Color deviation maps provide an instantaneous picture of potential problem areas and non compliancy, but that is often not enough to meet stringent inspection requirements or provide the detailed information to evaluate any corrective action if needed.


    3D Scanning

    With CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS, a soft gauge is generated from the MBD in the model and used to extract substitute features from the point cloud. In the example CheckMate screenshot below, the point cloud was automatically aligned to the solid model and a detailed inspection report was generated. The measurement results in the report reconcile the manufactured part to the design intent.

    CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS scan data

    To the right is the CheckMate Reporting Browser indicating the deviation and percentage of tolerance band used by each feature. Fully integrated within SOLIDWORKS, valuable process information is accessible throughout the enterprise.


    Learn more about CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS

    Origin International Inc., a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner, develops and markets a full suite of dimensional metrology software under the brand name of CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS.

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