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    Posted on Thu, Mar 28, 2019

    Origin will be participating in the NIST Model-Based Enterprise Summit to be held April 1-5, 2019 at NIST Gaithersburg, MD

    See Origin's Bob Stone - QIF Panel -Wed Apr 3rd,2:50-5pm -Session 16E

    A Q & A panel containing representatives from the QIF Community, authors, implementers, users, and thought leaders. Panel will also discuss the scope and uses for the new ANSI/DMSC QIF v3.0 standard and status on progressing QIF as an ISO/QIF. Furthermore, discuss the development and adoption of QIF from vendors and large industrial end users.

    See Origin's Geoff Foulds - Tech Demo- Thurs Apr 4th, 9am - Session 18mbe_graphic

    ABSTRACT. The pressure to cut costs is high… and so we see original equipment manufacturers (OEM) assigning 75% or more of their final product to suppliers for manufacturing. This is a major driver of Model Based Enterprise – and a significant challenge. How can the digital thread created by the OEM for its final product be stretched throughout the supply chain and woven back together without breaking? I.e., product requirements transmitted downstream, inspection results returned upstream, and the digital thread maintained throughout the supply chain… all in machine-readable form. To compound this challenge, OEM policies can pressure suppliers to support multiple CAD systems. The added expertise and expense required can overburden suppliers and drives up their costs.

    This workflow shows how many leading OEMs are overcoming this challenge. It demonstrates a reference MBE implementation with software from Capvidia, Origin International, and Net-Inspect.

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