What's new in Origin APPS

    A New Update of Origin Apps is now Available

    Posted on May 5, 2020 2:14:13 PM

    This update is applicable for all CMM to Equator authoring and for all CMM program translators. 

    The new functions supported in Origin APPS include:

    • "Learn mode" target points and vectors automatically corrected to lie on nominal featureCM14DVD_CMM66x54
    • Added support for indirect construction of free form surface from single best-fit feature
    • Added support constructed circle from cone-cone, cone-sphere, and cylinder-sphere intersections
    • Enhancements to QIF input and outputs Equator128x191
    • Added support for Calypso nested features
    • Calypso free form surface measurements use nominal path definition.
    • Added support for PC-DMIS variable substitution and 2D and 3D best-fit alignments

    Only download and install if your Annual Support maintenance is current. ‘To check if your Annual Support Maintenance is current - Click HELP then About Origin App'. Contact sales@originintl.com



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