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    Quality Assurance short staffed and backlogged?  Visit Us at IMTS

    Posted on Wed, Aug 24, 2022

    Those are signs of the manufacturing skilled labor shortage. It’s hitting all functions. It’s going to get worse. And Inspection may be among the hardest hit areas.

    A big part of the productivity of the top-performing quality engineers comes from years of experience. And many of these most productive workers are already over 55 years of age. They will retire before the end of this decade at the same time as onshoring ramps up demand.

    The traditional solution is to buy more measurement equipment. But companies are finding the limits of this strategy. In a staff shortage there are too few quality engineers to write inspection programs and evaluate results.

    The effects of the staff shortage are more severe because programming and evaluation are still manual. It’s critical to automate these tasks. That enables team members to be far more productive.

    Is your company ready to automate inspection tasks?MicrosoftTeams-image

    Is there a solution for Solidworks?

    Find out from Origin’s experts at IMTS.

    To book a meeting with Origin’s model based enterprise experts click hereWe’re in the East Hall, booth 135947. 

    If you can’t make it to IMTS, no problem. Forward this message to someone in your company who is going and we can meet with them.

    It’s possible no one is going, and that’s still OK. We can meet online. To book a meeting simply click here.

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