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    Webinar: Scans into SOLIDWORKS - Answers in Minutes!

    Posted on Thu, May 13, 2021

    Many SOLIDWORKS users now need to load and interact with SCAN data from a variety of sources. CheckMate is the only add-in for SOLIDWORKS that makes this possible. Join us for the second session in this CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS series as we take a look at how metrology SCAN data in SOLIDWORKS can provide you with answers in minutes.

    cadmicro2Key topics to be covered include:

    • A visual and interactive approach to analyzing Metrology SCAN data in SOLIDWORKS
    • Easily define "Inspection Frameworks" using existing CMM Programs, MBD & more
    • Metrology Automation tools that allow ANY user to understand deviations relative to your Inspection Frameworks

    Who should attend?
    Any SOLIDWORKS user with a Quality Control department, process and manufacturing engineers.

    Rob Johnson, Director of 3D Scanning and Metrology, CAD MicroSolutions

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    Geoff Foulds, Business Development Manager, Origin International Inc.

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