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    Origin’s New CheckMate Release Delivers Features For Companies in the SOLIDWORKS Community Ramping Up Lean Manufacturing and the Digital Thread

    Posted on Tue, Jun 30, 2020

    TORONTO – June 30, 2020 – Origin’s new CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS release includes a number of features wanted by aerospace, defense, automotive and machinery customers looking for lean manufacturing and digital thread solutions.

    Here are some examples:

    Lean Manufacturing. Critical features needed to align parts on inspection features were impossible to measure repeatedly. The new release of CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS® turns these features into virtual features. They can be measured with precision every time and measurement results can be used in GD&T analysis.  This is critical for manufacturing engineers as they set up to manufacture assemblies made from stamping, machining and welding.

    Digital Thread. Instead of plowing through numeric print outs - with this newest version - Origin CheckMate users will see In-Out tolerance conditions of geometry at a glance. The enhancement of CheckMate’s digital twin will enable it to display geometry condition as face colors on part models. Green shows good, red and blue show high or low. CheckMate also provides users with the same ability to use all MBD in the same automated programming workflow at the same time whether the source was DimXpert from SOLIDWORKS® or annotations from NX, ProE, CATIA.

    While inspection has long been an afterthought, it’s become a core tool of manufacturing engineers,” said Murray Desnoyer, founder of Origin International. “In smart manufacturing and the digital thread, inspection is no longer a data archiving function. CheckMate’s ability to analyze the GD&T of inspection data in SOLIDWORKS® gives manufacturing engineers a tool for machine utilization and throughput that they need and have never had.”

    See some of the top enhancements below...


    • Probe Configurations. You can now use more than one CheckMate probe in a single segment.
    • Created an new Probe builder application that supports multiple configuration to support probe changers.
    • Multi-point measurements. New AutoSection Option for segmentization and a new CheckMate Ribbon called 'ScanEdit' are simple yet sophisticated tools to edit spacing.
    • Added probe movement, probe selection, and Accessibility Analysis internal to a feature.
    • Added Multi-face GSURF capabilities.
    • Converting multipoint surface measurements to scan mode. Now, right click a feature in the Programming Browser and select 'Change Mode'.
    • Coordinate system creation. CheckMate now allows coordinate systems to be created from just two datums if the secondary is a pattern feature.
    • Collision Detection. Ability add to generate a "CheckMate Fixture" for collision detection.
    • Automated program generation from PMI. Identical workflows to process MBD annotations from both DimXpert (AutoMBD) or QIF (QIF2Segment), including support to use SOLIDWORKS Inspection balloons as characteristic labels.


    • Digital Twin enhancement. CheckMate changes the face color of the CAD geometry based on tolerance condition, i.e. In or Out.
    • Bonus tolerance enhancement. Now, add actual diameters to virtual feature(s) so that even virtual features are included in GD&T analysis of bonus tolerance.
    • PDF Reports. Complete width from the Reporting Browser fields is now included in PDF reports.
    • Layout Names. Width of the field has been increased.

    For more details, contact sales@originintl.com or call 1-800-269-2509

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