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    Origin speaks at MBE/MBD user group at 3D Experience Feb11th

    Posted on Wed, Jan 31, 2024

    Origin will be speaking at the MBE/MBD user group at 3D Experience 2024 in Dallas, February 11, from 1-3 pm CT. Lunch is provided at 12:30. Contact Joe Riehl if you plan on attending. See more details below.


    They are bringing back the MBD/MBE user group to #3DEXPERIENCEWorld2024. This session is scheduled to run on Sunday, February 11th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm CT. The user group is geared towards organizations researching, or actively engaged in transitioning to a model based engineering environment. It doesn’t matter if MBD/MBE is an active initiative, or if you’re still working through the due diligence phase trying to figure out organization impact, this user group is absolutely for you.
    You’ll hear from MBD/MBE subject matter experts as they discuss their experience with topics ranging from planning the initiative through execution and sustainment of a model based environment. Careful preparation for an effort of this scope is the most effective strategy that can be taken in order to mitigate risk relating to low adoption rates which almost always leads to negative impact of established KPI's. At the conclusion of our meeting you are invited to network with your fellow MBD/MBE evangelists to hear what others are doing to ensure successful adoption of this effective strategy driving a more efficient product development process.
    Interested in joining ? Simply message Joe Riehl in order to be included on the internal attendance list for additional communications relating to the event, and so that they can generate an accurate headcount for lunch. Please provide your name, email address and organization name when reaching out. If there’s more than one person from your organization interested in attending, feel free to include their information on the same communication. Lunch will be served at 12:30 in order to get everyone seated and ready for the first presentation scheduled for a 1:00 pm kickoff. Please plan your travel accordingly.
    Get your #3DEXPERIENCEWorld2024 "experience" off to a great start!

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