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    A New Update of Origin Apps is now Available (Aug2021)

    Posted on Tue, Aug 31, 2021

    The new update of Origin APPS is now available for current users on support. See some of the new functionality below. For those who want to learn more about the Origin APP, visit Origin APPS.


    • Characteristic (tolerance) Uuids captured when loading Calypso program
    • PCDMIS loader: /AUTODISTB parameter causes TOL/DISTB tolerance nominals to be recalculated from feature nominals (default behavior is that nominal is taken verbatim from .BAS file)
    • multi-line prompt and operator instructions become single statement PROMPT/PROMPTSTR and TEXT/OPER,PROMPTSTR with PROMPTSTR=ASSIGN/CONCAT('line1',CHR(10),CHR(13),'line2',CHR(10),CHR(13),...)
    • Calypso program loader support added for caliper distance
    • Warning and error message added to loaded CheckMate program/DMIS output as passthrough comments
    • Miscellaneous other enhancements and bug fixes



    This update is applicable for all CMM to Equator authoring and for all CMM program translators.

    Origin APPS Changes, Enhancements, Bug Fixes Listing 

    Customers on maintenance get the update for free! Girl presenting something with her hands - isolated over a white background


    If your ASP is current then you can use the 'Check For Update'. Only download and install if your maintenance is current. ‘To check if your Annual Support Maintenance is current - Click HELP then About Origin App

    For all those who have Equators and want to do their own authoring using their Quality Lab CMM’s - check out Origin!


    Contact sales@originintl.com

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