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    A New Update of Origin Apps is now Available

    Posted on Thu, May 14, 2020

    This update is applicable for all CMM to Equator authoring and for all CMM program translators. 

    The new functions supported in Origin APPS include:

    • "Learn mode" target points and vectors automatically corrected to lie on nominal featureCM14DVD_CMM66x54
    • Added support for indirect construction of free form surface from single best-fit feature
    • Added support constructed circle from cone-cone, cone-sphere, and cylinder-sphere intersections
    • Enhancements to QIF input and outputs Equator128x191
    • Added support for Calypso nested features
    • Calypso free form surface measurements use nominal path definition.
    • Added support for PC-DMIS variable substitution and 2D and 3D best-fit alignments

    There are over a dozen other enhancements included in this release. Customers on maintenance get the update for free.

    Contact sales@originintl.com

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