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    5 Days to IMTS-Plan to See Origin's Demonstrations

    Posted on Wed, Sep 05, 2018

    Come to booth #121627 and meet some of the team members. 

    Origin contributes to the Grand Challenge

    This is a joint effort by tooling and inspection vendors to demonstrate art to inspected part workflow -- in real time with actual production machines and parts.

    Don't miss the following demonstrations:

    • Automated Reporting: CheckMate reads in QIF results data from on-machine inspection, generates ISO-standard FAIs and PPAPs.
    • A soft gage strategy for in-process inspection. There will be a display of CheckMate working with Renishaw’s Equator, to solve the challenges faced by companies with large inventories of legacy parts, diverse ecosystems of CMMs, and incompatible inspection programs.
    • Automated Inspection Planning, discuss a benchmark by Raytheon that showed an 80% time savings per part and a doubling of labor productivity.

    Finally, Origin to give a talk on why it supports QIF at the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium booth.


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