Whatever the equipment, whatever the data, you need to generate reports quickly . So decision makers have what they need to make the right decision, on time.

    CheckMate Reporting is fully integrated with CheckMate CMM Programming, Point Cloud Metrology and SoftFit Solver. Whatever the need, from the results of capability studies to coordinate system transformations, reports are a snap to generate and easy to update.

    CheckMate Reporting also works with data from all Dimensional Measurement Equipment (DME) and the extensive formats and user definable capability make it adaptable to your unique requirements. (Now Available in SOLIDWORKS®)


    For a list of the different types CheckMate Reporting can import.

    CheckMate Reporting Features

    Read in CMM data and programs, eliminate re-measurement. You can load CMM data and into CheckMate Reporting and it generates reports. Where CMM programs are available CheckMate Reporting offers extended capability by first loading the program and then the corresponding measurement results.  This enables the user the flexibility of making modifications to feature definitions and outputting the modified report without physically re-measuring the part on the CMM.

    CAD compatibility produces compensated as-measured data, regardless of the DME. The Surface and Feature Compare option loads xyz center of ball data from any source, and by comparison  with the CAD develops the compensated as measured inspection data.  This capability breathes new life into manual coordinate measuring machines and is also a great tool when used in conjunction with other point taking devices such as laser trackers and articulating arms. The SoftOrient Data loader automatically transforms the data from a localized machine coordinate system to CAD.

    Measure in one coordinate system, report in several others. Additionally, with the CheckMate utility CMTrans, coordinate system transformations can be applied to measurement data for reporting in coordinate systems in other than the one the part was measured in. In the example of a part measured in a localized coordinate system, with the transformation applied the report can be generated in CAD, tooling, car or ship coordinates.

    Overall, the extensive functionality and versatility of CheckMate Reporting combined with interoperability across dissimilar measuring equipment makes it a perfect fit for any dimensional metrology application.