What's new in Origin APPS

    What's New in the 700 version series

    Posted on May 18, 2017 12:05:02 PM


    CMEngine x722
    - fixed units issue with scan path splitting in DMIS output

    CMECAL2EQU x721
    - added comprehensive support for identifiers containing an octothop (#),
      affects both ASCII loader (actuals file) and Calypso loader (inspection file)
    - fixed issue with missing tool changes when "Paths" checkbox selected
    - verified load in mm, re-output in inch creates exactly the same output as
      loading in inch
    - verified that settings are saved by "Save as default" button

    CMEngine x719
    - (all configurations) default units setting is remembered from previous execution
    CMECAL2EQU x719
    - access to approach/retract/search added to simplified defaults dialog

    CMEXXX2NET x719
    - new style (old style?) PC-DMIS record headers without feature type tags handled
    - new style (old style?) PC-DMIS record headers without DIM prefix handled
    - SURFACE PROFILE now handled in addition to PROFILE OF SURFACE
    CMECAL2XXX x718
    - regardless of system units, units are forced to mm for the duration of the import
      and restored afterwards. This corrects several units related issues.
    - extra error trapping has been added to prevent measurements taking place that
      require user interaction, usually interpreted as a software hang.
    CMECAL2EQU x718
    - a display inspection log button has been added

    CMEXXX2NET x718
    - when populated, a characeristic tolerance is no longer used for <FeatureDescription>
      but is instead used for <Description>.
    CMEXXX2NET x717
    - restored <FeatureDescription> generation broken in x695.
    CMEQIF2QIF x716
    - fixed issue with crash on small plane polyline border.
    CMEPCD2XXX x709
    - CONST_ORIG_POINT now handled as nominal reference point instead of constructed points.
    CMECAL2EQU x708
    - the base coordinate system is now created if referenced by another coordinate system
    CMEXXX2EQU x708
    - feature redefinition on pass 2 of output disabled completely
    CMEPCD2XXX x706
    - PERM_HITS used to detect relative measurement for CONTACT features, PERM_HITS becomes
      the number of VECBLD hits.
    CMEMLB2MOD x705
    - Select and Case statements pre-processed to If/ElseIf/Else/Endif
    CMEPCD2XXX x705
    - measurement units cue now also taken from position FEATURE_CONTROL_FRAME

    CMEngine all configurations x704
    - DMIS output will use output template (*.DM) specified on command line
    - otherwise DMIS output will use output template <configname>.DM if present
    - default INI file seached in configuration folder (used to be CMEngine folder)
    - probe map with .MAP.CSV extension can be used to map PC-DMIS names to other names
      search order is: as specified on command line in default folder
                       local with same name as program being imported
                       default folder with name matching CMEngine configuration

    CMEPCD2XXX x704
    - probe change name (SNSLCT) is now probe file name + active tip name unless mapped
    - added button and menu item for setting CheckMate defaults
    - added menu item for creating probe map

    - MEAS/CIRCLE,F(UF_name... fixed for scanned circles

    CMEPCD2XXX x700
    - before/after/both auto clearance moves suppressed if auto clearance distance is zero

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