What's New in CheckMate APPS

What's New in the 500 version series

Written by Janet Wiaderny | May 18, 2017 3:59:21 PM

- fixed spurious program note on DIMENSION_FORMAT
- better handle beginning with "illegal" characters like ".245-1"

CMEngine and all other configurations x599
- host id is now machine based rather than user based
- after upgrading to x599 or later those using temporary codes will need new codes
- unlocking to dongle not affected
- default Net-Inspect output updated to new XML format.
- old format still available by adding OLDFMT as command line parameter

- added check box to produce SNSLCT statements instead of the TOOL CHANGE DETECTED comment
- added check box to control handling of ProjectedDirectionVector. Default is checked in which
  case the referenceAxis is used to alter XYZ-IJK values. When unchecked XYZ-IJK values are left
  unchanged. We have seen files requiring both of these different approaches. When the internal
  Calypso flag that controls this behavior is discovered, the check box will be removed and the
  correct approach applied automatically.
- added new anything to Net-Inspect translator to operate in drag and drop mode using the same
  auto file format detecting front end as the QIF translator.

- the through-plane setting for CLEARANCE_PLANE is now ignored if it is different but along the
  same axis as the clear-plane setting, eg, XPLUS and XMINUS are considered the same and so the
  through-plane is ignored.
- the last probe move before the first alignment feature is now copied to the cal segment as the first move
- the probe move before the first cal segment feature is now copied as the last move to the pre-cal segment
- if AUTO_CLEAR_PLANE is on then internal moves are in the clear plane regardless of the programmed XYZ value
- if AUTO_CLEAR_PLANE is on then entry and exit moves are added before and after a feature if they
  already haven't been by added by a MOVE_CLEARP
- fixed issue with pre-cal alignsments not outputting TRANS statements
- fixed issue with surface vector on constructed lines from single GCURVE
- references features labels on pre-cal coordinate systems still pointed at post-cal
  names causing issues with DATSET datum labels, fixed.
- pre-cal/post-cal split was not capturing all features that needed to be measured in
  cal mode, fixed.
- BF_MATH_TYPE now captured for least squares, maximum inscribed and minimum circumscribed
- MOVE_CLEARP moves had issue with certain feature types causing exit point from a previous
  feature to be used instead, fixed.
- **TEST** PRCOMP/OFF PRCOMP/ON issued on either side of CONST/LINE...BF..FA()[1.n]... in attempt
  to address issues with probe compensation on best-fit from points features ** FEEDBACK REQUESTED **
- GBK check box added to main dialog. If checked identifier names in actuals and inspection
  are assumed to be GBK encoded (2-byte special characters). These GBK encodings are
  converted to Unicode to capture the correct geoactual files. Use the GBK switch when
  geoactual files contain Chinese characters but not when geoactual files contain
  Japanese characters.

- fix issue with PATH/ARC swept angle with left-handed cylinder measurements

- added support for constructed circle from cylinder/cone
- added support for surface element #OMGeoCons

- if the #normVector is of #ProjectedDirectionVector type the #referenceAxis
  becomes important. If it is negative then 2 of 3 axes XYZ and IJK need to be
  inverted: -1 means flip YZJK, -2 means flip XZIK, and -3 means flip XYIJ.
  Not doing this flipping had almost no effect on most measurements because
  nominal planes are typically flat to a major axis (even in a rotated coordinate
  system). The nominal representation of the plane would be offset from the
  general location of the geoactual data but correctly located in the important axis. Only
  when a plane was canted in the local coordinate system did bad things happen (like measured
  lines appearing in space off the part and nowhere near the geoactual data). With this
  fix the nominal features are now correctly located.

- output counters disabled to allow any number of outputs during program debugging

- added button and menu item to reload actuals/geoactuals and re-output CAL file
  for remastering from a different set of actuals without changing the existing
- added grey-out interaction: re-output menu/button items greyed out until a CMX
  or Calypso dataset is loaded
- after initial translation, database is automatically saved to a CMX file with the
  same name root as the CAL. DMIS. and LOG.txt files which is the name of the
  Calypso dataset folder
- added ability to CONST/CIRCLE..BF.FA()[1,n] to construct circle from points
  of a cylinder
- added support for #OMTecTorusRadDisc radial scans on a torus as PATH/CURVE
- added support for RECALL_ALIGN

- fixed issue with degree-of-freedom count resulting in no CAL segment
- added a "to-master" coodinate system at the end of the pre-cal segment to ensure
  DMIS and CAL coordinate match
- added support for scanned spheres (only touch points supported previously)
- double(+) helical scanned cylinders now handled as multiple path scans