What's new in Origin APPS

    What's New in the 600 series version

    Posted on May 18, 2017 12:01:37 PM


    CMECAL2XXX x699
    - this 696 change backed out: coordinate system for complete DRFs created and recalled before profile and posiiton
    - now if no coordinate system is explicitly referenced by the tolerance, the coordinate system in which the
      toleranced feature was measured is recalled for all tolerance types
    CMECAL2XXX x696
    - tolerance references to datum features replaced with tolerance references to datum defintitons,
      datum definitions are created in order starting at 'A'
    - doubled-up DRFs like ABB reduced to AB
    - coordinate system for complete DRFs created and recalled before profile and posiiton
    - unspecified tolerances default to +/-99
    - tolerance outputs separated by $$ empty comment line
    - scan feature filtering in place (unfiltered feature is measured then CONST/TR into filtered feature)
    - addressed issue with crash on output with large scan paths

    CMECAL2MOD x696
    - feature nominal redefintions in COMPARE/OFF pass are suppressed if the coordinate system
      is nominally the same as that in the COMPARE/ON pass

    CMEXXX2MOD x696
    - tolerance outputs separated by $$ even when comments suppressed

    CMEPCD2XXX x696
    - iterative alignment handling improved
    - added support for JUMPTO labels
    - detect and fix issue with zero-diameter sphere nominal
    - detect and fix issue with anomylous 1st measurement coordinate on sphere

    CMEXXX2NET x695
    - enhanced PC-DMIS loader to preserve info between "DIM" and "=" (LOCATION OF, CONCENTRICITY FROM etc)
    CMEQIF2QIF x692
    - added SILENT command line parameter to suppress text file display
    CMEXXX2NET x692
    - added support for MCOSMOS native labels like "N0015"
    - added support for MCOSMOS "Surface" record
    CMEXXX2NET x691
    - added support for PC-DMIS CONCENTRICITY OF format.
    - PAR and PARALLEL no langer trapped for load-by-NONE labels
    CMECAL2XXX x687
    - features are re-evaluated to handle on-tolerance substitute feature algorithm changes
    - plane and line measurements auto determine whether to do reference axis coordinate and
      vector changes using distance to geoactual (UNPROJ modifier related)
    - (ambiguaous) alignment directions from cylinder and constructed lines are now justified
      to the Calypso nominal feature direction
    CMEPCD2XXX x686
    - interpretation of through plane reworked to be a ignored if associated distance is zero.
    - added support for clearance plane moves before probe moves and tip changes
    - auto-turn-down of approach and retract now taken into account for clearance plane moves
    - last point used for clearance plane moves now properly transformed across coordinate
      system changes
    CMEPCD2XXX x683
    - interpretation of clearance plane reworked to be a persistent plane on
      coordinate system changes.
    CMECAL2EQU x681
    - fixed issue with units on probe radius in CAL file when units set to inches
    CMEXXX2NET x681
    - fixed issue with feature label used as basis for tolerance labels creating tolerance labels
      with different starting number than previous revisions.
    CMEXXX2NET x680
    - feature label is used as basis for tolerance labels if and only if it is a number with
      no spaces or other non-numeric characters.
    CMEXXX2NET x679
    - added handling for illegal XML characters in labels and comments.
    - added new user-entered tags runnumber, lotsize, partname, partdesc and setupdate
    - added new support for Calypso tags planid, and partnb and support for user entered tags in
      comment, partcomment and startcomment columns of CHR and HDR files

    CMEXXX2NET x678
    - added auto-detect and support for PC-DMIS legacy TXT report.

    CMEngine x675
    - added support for CMX Excel scripts authored with older versions of CM or CME

    CMECAL2EQU x674
    - added pre-CAL alignment button to fire /#CMPRECAL command which copies picked feature to pre-CAL
      segment and creates pre-CAL coordinate system with option to transform geoactual data.
    - added construct point button for creating clocking datum for under-specified pre-CAL alignement
    - fixed issue with CAL file not being output on some translations
    - pass through commands now marked for pass1 or pass2 output. "Tool change detected" comments now
      only appear in pass 1 (measurement in base alignment) and TEXT/OUTFIL from OMText objects now
      only appear in pass 2 (constructions, alignments, nominal feature redefinition, tolerance output)
    - added check box PATHs to preserve input paths (PATH/ARC starting angle, sweep, and start direction)
      from calypso program. Also splits geoactual data on path boundaries using scbada header info in
      geoactual files.
    - fixed issue with "line directions opposite" question appearing for best fit line through two
    - intersection of line and cylinder now interpreted as DMIS PIERCE instead of DMIS INTOF.
    CMEXXX2NET x656
    - added support for CMM Manager reports.

    CMECAL2xxx x640
    - when a pre-CAL segment is created, all measurements are deleted and the translation re-started
      using the transformed actuals/geoactuals data.

    CMExxx2MOD, CMExxx2EQU x638
    - now invokes post-processing of DMIS file to remove line continuation characters,
      reformat numbers like 0.200 to 0.2, 0.000 to 0, etc.
    CMECAL2xxx x638
    - added support for #OMTextelement as one or more TEXT/OUTFIL statements
    - added support for identified #tempReferenceSystem in addition to existing #referenceSystem support for
      automatic recall of coordinate systems before tolerance output
    - corrected browser labels for recalled coordinate system program entities
    - corrected issue with geoactual _APTIN group names being split by stripping mis-perceived file extension
      eg "Ø 34.48 -K1- SIDE" becoming "Ø 34_APTIN" instead of "Ø 34.48 -K1- SIDE_APTIN"
    - if the pre-CAL is selected, but no 6-dof alignment is found, then the translator defaults to no pre-CAL
      segment behavior
    - added support for "implied patterns": if a feature's actuals cannot be found then the data is searched
      for with pattern suffixes (1) (2) etc until no more matches are found.
    CMECAL2xxx x636
    - added support for nominal parallel planes feature (definition, output and use in constructed plane)
    - probe changes suppressed before unmeasured features
    CMEXXX2NET x627
    - added support for QIF characteristics
    - using command line parameter GDT will cause geometric tolerances to be output to
      GeometricTolerance element instead of Dimension element

    CMECAL2EQU x626
    - new option "pre-CAL" will copy all program items up to and including the first 6-dof
      alignment as a pre-CAL segment (non-COMPARE mode). Additionally the first 6-dof alignment is
      also created from the cooresponding actual features and the difference between those two
      coordinate systems is used to transform all actual/geoactual data for cases when the base
      coordinate system is not well defined.
    - added support for construction of a circle from the points of a plane
    - fixed issue with original actuals input path being overwritten messing up output path for
      DMI, CAL and CMX files

    CMExxx2xxx x626
    - whenever the CMEngine is opperating in translator mode any calls for user picks or
      help screen displays are now suppressed so that translator will no longer appear to "hang".

    CMEPCD2xxx x620 (except CMEPCD2EQU)
    - corrected output file name which was based on last DMIS import to last PC-DMIS import

    CMEPCD2xxx x619
    - support for CheckMate probes added
    - fixed handling of "ilegal" feature and tolerance names
    CMEPCD2xxx x618
    - GET_PROBE_DATA used to add prefix to tip names when a second or subsequent probe is referenced
    CMEPCD2xxx x617
    - SET_ACTIVE_TIP to SNSLCT/SA() now handles both REF_ID and ID versions of the BASIC export file
    CMECAL2xxx x617
    - _APTIN groups matching now include test for illegal filename characters in label names \/:*?"<>|
    CMEngine x610
    - menu system now looked for in public documents area regardless of setting of
      Directory environment variable
    - use of menu file no longer overwrites default toolbar buttons for
      translator configurations
    CMEPCD2EQU x608
    - DCCSCAN_OBJECT now captured as GCURVE unless PATCH then GSURF
    - constructed SET output as BF instead of PTS
    CMEPCD2EQU x608
    - corrected constructed SETs
    - fixed issue with old style non-FCF dimensions not loading
    - if the entire file is manual, it is now forve to all DCC
    - added support for DIMENSION_S_LOCATION as vector tolerance
    - fixed pre-cal issue caused by two or more level alignments are in the same coordinate system
    CMEPCD2EQU x606
    - constructed SETs now create PTDATA form of GCURVE and GSURF
    - constructed SETs now do a best fit with FA(label)[1,n] instead of FA(label)
    - fixed extra comma in CONST/GSURF and CONST/GCURVE

    CMEXXX2NET x603
    - added <MeasurementDeviceName> support to Net-Inspect XML output.
    - removed requirement for Calypso _CHR.TXT file to contain _CHR when TAGS modifer used
    - suppressed "No results loaded" message when TAGS modifer used
    CMEXXX2NET x601
    - added support for metadata and feature number tags <> via TAGS modifier as well as meta data native
      support to LK/Camio/Modus, PC-DMIS, DMIS and Calypso loaders
     CMEPCD2EQU x600
    - added support for file with units in inches
    - file units automatically set if all tolerances have the same UNIT_TYPE, otherwise current
      CheckMate units are used

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