What's New in CheckMate APPS

What's New in the 300 Version Series

Written by Janet Wiaderny | May 18, 2017 3:54:58 PM

2 changes to resolve final coordinate system issues
- Calypso offsets are opposite to DMIS direction, fixed
- The base coordinate system for a new coordinate system is
  found as #settings->#referenceSystem, not
  #defBaseSystem->#nameOfBaseSystem, fixed

- constructed plane normal justfied to Calypso nominal plane normal
- normal direction on Calypso nominal circle for measured circles is
  like DMIS cylinder: into the feature. Normals on measurements now\
  flipped to point out of feature.
- added support for second nominal offset and second nominal rotation in
  coordinate systems allowing for nominal coordinate system offset/rotate
  combinations like:
    tranlsate (seen in an example file)
    rotate (seen in an example file)
    translate/rotate (seen in an example file)
    rotate/translate (not yet seen in an example file)
    translate/rotate/translate (seen in an example file)
    rotate/translate/rotate (not yet seen in an example file)
    translate/rotate/translate/rotate (not yet seen in an example file)
- added support for nominal coordinate system rotations about negative
  major axis (as rotation by inverse angle about the positive major axis)

- nominal on diameter tolerances are used to update nominal on feature
- added support for #OMGeoMaxPoint and #OMGeoMinPoint as DMIS
- construction of a point using OMGeoRecall method becomes CONST/POINT...TR

- now handles negative distances in equivalent of CONST/CIRCLE...CONE,DIST
- loosened requirement for perpendicularity between nominal plane and cone
  (or cylinder) in circle intersection construction to 89.95 degrees
- improved error messaging for failed measurements and constructions

- added support for cylinder measurement with scans parallel to the cylinder
  axis, becomes curve scan
- fixed issue with CONST/LINE...PERPTO...THRU
- added support for CSV defined menu (full edit mode only)
  - allows for operations like opening a new segment
  - copying alignment features for pre-CAL aligment
  - adding new tolerances and constructions
  - etc.
- Modus DMIS output/redefinition of nominal reference features now always
  includes FA(label)=FEAT... actual feature definition.
- A1/A2 orientation angle outputs for Modus condensed using new FA(label)= and
  TOL/ANGLB...xxPLAN DMIS concepts
- added support for point measurement from OMGeoSpacePoint nominal
- construction of a point using OMGeoRecallPoints method becomes CONST/POINT...TR

- identifiers read past carriage returns to closing single-quote, handles
  # in the identifier name (which forces an extraneous carriage return in
  the inspection file)
- tolerance set and order now based on control feature listing to match
  printed reports
- issue with missing radian to degree conversions in A1/A2 angle tolerances fixed
- nominals for angle and distance between tolerances now captured instead of
  being recalculated.
- #delta: marker is used to differentiate between PT2PT, XAXIS, YAXIS and ZAXIS
  for distance between tolerances.

- nominal line and plane scan path density now based on density of points
  in geoactual file using 10:1 rule; the spacing of the nominal measurement
  is one tenth the average spacing in the geoactual file.

- fixed issue with PTMEAS vectors on cone measurements
- fixed issue with vertex nominal on cone measurements
- added CMDEF toolbar button when full editing unlocked
- added CMDEF and CMSETCMPATH menu items when full editing unlocked

- #OMTecLine used to detect scanned line measurements
- fixed issue with plane measurement mode being reset to touch point when
  the evaluation algorithm was being set from a tolerance.
- fixed issue with spacing of line points resulting in extraneous PATH
  statements, may resolve similar issue seen with planes in internal

- fixed crash associated with Calyspo multi-line comments
- fixed issue with extraneous point index FA(label)[n] output with
  circle constructed from plane and cone
- added support for equivalent of CONST/CIRCLE...CONE,DIAM

- fixed problem with non-pattern nominal names in LOG file
- removed superfluous TOOL CHANGE DETECTED messages from construction and
  tolerance passes of "inspection" file
- implemented best fit circle from points of other features
- added trapping and messages for unsuccessfully created coordinate system
- added support for >3 datum alignments
- added support for a point-reducible feature as a secondary (clocking) datum
- added trap for coordinate system circular references: a coordinate system
  being created based on a feature whose nominal is defined in the coordinate
  system being created based on a feature whose nominal...

- evaluation method on tolerance captured for GEOALG output on feature
  being toleranced.
- coordinate system on tolerance is created or recalled before evaluation
- added support for circular feature arrays including measure, construct and
- added support for plane/cone instersection and cone diameter at
  distance from vertex.

- fixed issue with constructed best fit and best fit points direction vector
  not matching nominal for cylinders
- fixed feature output order for best fit points cylinder to match input order
- fixed TOL/POS output to include feature datums, i.e., TOL/POS...FA(),RFS


- added support for circle nominal feature (used with constructions that resolve
  to a circle)
- fixed issue with wrong nominal being captured when processing coordinate
- added support for PERPTO a plane feature THRU a point feature
- original, case-sensitive, illegal-character tolerance indentifier preserved
  for TEXT/OUTFIL,'** tolerance label **' output
- fixed all-inclusive DATSET type coordinate systems (secondary axis was
  being lost)


- added support for coordinate systems included recursive constructions
    "Process coordinate systems" switch must be checked on dialog
- LOG file created and displayed for translation of Calypso "inspection" file
    WARNING and ERROR are used for non-critcal and critical problems
- added support for torus nominal feature
- added support for torus measurement and output
- added support for point nominal feature (only used with constructions that
  resolve to a point)
- added radio buttons to dialog to choose between ** feature label ** and
  ** tolerance label ** TEXT/OUTFIL tags for tolerance output
- fixed issue with PATH/ARC swept arc angles
- now handles identifiers with single quote character (causes inspection and
  geoactual label mismatches)