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    NIST Summit Takeaway 3 of 3 -- The Elephant in the MBE/MBD Room: Training

    Posted on Tue, May 29, 2018

    Our final takeaway is a theme that emerged early in the event: the training gap.

    In the Q&A after one of the Day One presentations, an attendee asked “how are we going to be able to implement model-based enterprise when our people need to be re-skilled, new hires are lacking key skills and there aren’t nearly enough qualified people to do the teaching?

    In the drawing-based workflows that have predominated for years, designers were not expected to devote much attention to inspection. That ch

     anges in the model-based enterprise. Designers are involved with marking up GD&T on CAD.

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    Origin Booth at SWW2018 Feb 4-7

    Posted on Thu, Sep 07, 2017


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    How MBD can be leveraged in Manufacturing

    Posted on Wed, May 17, 2017

    Central Indiana  SOLIDWORKS User Group


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    Murray Desnoyer Presents at Central Indiana  SOLIDWORKS User Group

    Posted on Fri, May 05, 2017

    Dont miss this opportunity to hear Murray Desnoyer, CEO, Origin International,  speak about "CheckMate" which is now in the manufacturing arena taking the model GD&T digital data through a full CMM analysis and inspection report.

    Make Your Reservation Now

    Date: Tuesday May 23, 2017

    Time: 4:30pm     Registration, Networking

    Place: Purdue Technology Park.

    5225 Exploration Dr.. Indianapolis, IN 26241

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    Free evening of food, fun, networking and SOLIDWORKS March 23rd!

    Posted on Mon, Mar 06, 2017


    Visit Origin International along with DASI Solutions for a free evening of food, fun, networking and SOLIDWORKS! 

    WHEN: Thursday, March 23, 5:30 - 8:30 PM 

    WHERE: Hyatt Place, 111 W. Washington Center Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46825

    Please RSVP with Dasi so we can get an accurate headcount for food!

    Not a SOLIDWORKS user? Not a problem! This event will provide design inspiration and great networking opportunities, bringing together the best in engineering and manufacturing, regardless of what CAD software they use!

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    Posted on Fri, Feb 24, 2017

    SWW2017 is now in the rear view mirror.  It was a great experience for all who attended providing an excellent opportunity to learn all about SOLIDWORKS® and what's new from Origin.OUTDOORS.jpg

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    SOLIDWORKS MBD - Making Sense of Colors

    Posted on Mon, Nov 14, 2016

    Understanding DimXpert Colors : If you are using SOLIDWORKS MBD and using DimXpert tools to add on your dimensions or GD&T on physical part files, then watch Charn as he goes over the color schemes and what will appear on the part file. Watch this tip presented by Charn Jivaphaiboonskdi of GoEngineer.

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    Common Mistakes in Implementing MBD

    Posted on Fri, Aug 19, 2016

    Oboe Wu from SOLIDWORKS takes a look at actual MBD implementations and the strategies some companies followed.

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    Setup MBD to Get the Best Use

    Posted on Tue, Jul 12, 2016

    Oboe Wu from SOLIDWORKS discusses setting up for MBD so that you can make the best use of it. Included is installation, licensing (floating), command ribbon bar, shortcut toolbar etc. You definitely want to give this a read through as he has good visuals to explore. Read more.

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    Eliminate Costly Errors

    Posted on Wed, Jul 06, 2016

    The ultimate goal of the standard called Model Based Definition (MBD) and standards such as ASME Y14.41-2003 (updated in 2012) and Military-Standard-31000 (Revision A) in 2013 is to eliminate the costly and often error-prone drawing-based documentation still used to communicate design intent and manufacturing details. Find out what  on the SOLIDWORKS Blog has to say. Read more... Read More

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