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    Still running CheckMate 12.1? You Need To Read This

    Posted on Tue, May 10, 2016

    The switch from the Autodesk platform to the SOLIDWORKS platform has been a very large step in the evolution of the CheckMate brand. Many of our customers who have switched over have enjoyed the familiarity of the old platform, but with many new and exciting enhancements. This is just the beginning for CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS.

    For those who have not had the opportunity to complete this transition, you are up against a countdown clock.

    Origin suggests that you start using the CheckMate 12.1 Database Export Utility to export your CAD along with important CheckMate entities. We suggest that you start doing this right NOW.

    There are two very important reasons why you should start doing this now. First, you will have a safe backup of your files. If your MDT2008 Server or PC dies, you will have a difficult chore obtaining a license file from Autodesk. If you lose the license permanently, you won’t have a way to recover any of your legacy programs. Secondly, these export files from CheckMate 12.1 will be in a format that can be easily imported into CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS, when you make the transition.

    Below is the link to download the Webinar movie on “Converting CheckMate 12.1 Files to CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS Files” from the Origin BBS. (you must have an account)