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    New Version of Origin APPS is Now Available

    Posted on Wed, May 10, 2017

    Origin is pleased to present a new release of their Origin APPS. This release represents a huge effort in product development. Any annual support customer will receive this update free as part of their plan.

    What Products are Included

      • CheckMate Runtime (requires CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS to author)
      • CheckMate Interactive (gives complete access to browsers)
      • Calypso to Equator™ - PCDMIS to Equator™ - CMM Translators - NetInspect 

    In the new 723 release, you will find significant enhancements! In addition to PC-DMIS and Calypso loader improvements, you will find a new and improved help file as well as numerous new features.

    Enhancements / Improvements

    • New maintenance codes required - see below
    • 5 new videos for Calypso to Equator™
    • New and improved help file 
    • Improved handling of mixed unites
    • Add a defaults screen for changing units before translation.
    • PC-DMIS loader has improved probe position mapping.
    • PC-DMIS loader improved iterative alignment and support for JUMPTO labels.
    • PC-DMIS loader enhanced to preserve info between "DIM" and "=" (LOCATION OF, CONCENTRICITY FROM etc)
    • Calypso loader improvements to scan feature filtering and tolerance output formats.
    • Calypso loader improvements to alignment feature directions.
    • Clearance (safety) plane improvements to all loaders.
    • All loaders now invoke post-processing of DMIS file to remove line continuation characters.(reformat numbers like 0.200 to 0.2, 0.000 to 0, etc.) 

    *NEW Maintenance codes will be required

    Permanent Codes

    All previous versions of this software that have permanent unlock codes will continue to operate.

    Maintenance codes

    Going forward, in order to update to a newer version of the software ie.701 or higher, a maintenance unlock code will have to be installed to run this and future versions.


    This new version of the Origin APPS software will require maintenance codes to run.

    Do NOT un-install your current version if you have not installed the new maintenance codes. 

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